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Sales Terms and Warranties

General Conditions of Sale  edition 1206 effective from 01/07/2012.

SCOPE:            These Conditions shall apply between Helios Safety & Rescue, hereafter known as the company, or Helios and its customer and the terms are applicable to products and services advertised for sale by us. These terms apply to all the company’s product and service sales transactions unless otherwise prior to acceptance agreed in writing by the company, equally applying to our Hire terms where duly material to accepted contracts.

Definitions: 'Writing' includes letters, facsimile and email communication and interactive response on our web-sites, or other system of internet trading that may be authenticated. The terms and definitions herein are cardinal unless otherwise varied by published offers, advertised on this web-site or other communication the company has authorised.

LEGAL CONSTRUCTION:        These terms are subject and subjudicant to ENGLISH LAW and take account of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, The Sale of Goods Act 1972 and the Health & Safety at Work Act.. 1974. The customer’s statutory rights are not affected by this publication. Where no condition or term has been agreed and no statutory implement is in force, the company’s conditions shall prevail.

QUOTATIONS AND OFFERS: shall be held valid for a period of thirty days unless otherwise offered in writing by the Company. Price quotations and offers are published net of VAT, packing and carriage, unless otherwise stated.

TITLE OF GOODS:           Goods and the right of use to services we carry out remain the property of the company until the company has acknowledged receipt of full payment of the invoice value from the customer.

RIGHTS TO SERVICES:            Where the company provides intellectual and or physical services, those benefits remain the property of the company until we acknowledge receipt of full payment of the invoice value from the customer. Payment does not entitle the customer’s ownership of our property rights, patents, designs, or the right to use the company’s publications and written or recorded information for third party benefit nor any other right to benefits for which we have title. A third party is any person or people not directly involved in the commercial transaction. Where the service provides written advice such efficacy is warranted solely to the limit of a written brief from the client. No warranty is offered against oral representation of advice and guidance connected with the client brief.

CUSTOMER’S RIGHTS:                                The customer is entitled to be provided the goods and services represented in writing by the company, suitable for the purpose the customer has represented. The company accepts no liability from the consequential effects of failure of goods that have been used for any other purposes than expressly represented by the company or which have otherwise been abused, accidentally damaged or repaired & maintained by parties other than the company or its authorised representative or agent.

QUALITY Our quality control programme replicates that which we used prior to introduction of audit programmes described in ISO:9000 series and required of us as a Government supplier. This is described in DEFCON 19, AQAPs level 2, and our QA manual; requiring that we assess quality failure risk and mitigate it by suitable inspection methods and frequencies, at each stage of production and supply. Inspection methods and frequencies therefore vary with the 'safety-critical' measure of particular products and services. These methods are derived from the purpose of products and components, selected best suited to design features and may often coincide with tests published as ISO, ANSI, BS or EN performance standards, according to relevance.

Unless otherwise advertised, PPE offered for sale conforms with UK regulation, under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Classes 2 and 3 PPE offered for sale, conform to specifications required by particular regulation and type-testing requirements. Advice about a particular product's limits of use and suitability for purpose may be offered in writing, where we have satisfactorily conducted a client Risk Assessment. In the absence of such report, we make no recommendations but may suggest options based on information provided by our customer. 

WARRANTY:            Goods are guaranteed free from manufacturing defect and fit for the represented purpose for a period of at least one year from the date of delivery to the customer, unless otherwise clearly stated in published brochures, advertisements and instructions.
The customer’s claims for any defects, shortages or incorrect delivery must be reported to us in writing within one week of the fault being noticed. When the company accepts fault its liabilities shall be limited to refunding monies paid for the transaction, otherwise to replacement or repair of the goods or to providing a service similar to that originally contracted. Where the company agrees to warranty claims on an ex-gratia basis, there shall be no statutory entitlement to such benefit by the customer. We take care to see the customer’s needs properly fulfilled but this is practicable only to the degree that adequate information has been provided to us.

We accept no responsibility for fault arising from incorrect selection, use or maintenance of products when the customer has failed to provide such appropriate written information as will practicably facilitate our advice with good intention and ability; excepting where prior commissioned to assess that purpose, practice and appropriate contingency as would establishing safe working practice. Such warranty is limited to the circumstances described in our written report to the client or customer which shall indicate the limits and proportions of our lawful indemnity.

PRICES:          Prices charged shall be those published in our price list or otherwise represented in writing. Prices are net, ex-works and exclusive of sales tax or other levy outside the company’s control.

DELIVERY:      Excepting deliveries by UK Postal services, there will be a minimum charge of £7.50 per consignment, unless delivery charges are advertised free or at other rate.

Where we make no charge for handling, carriage, insurance and freight, all liability for goods or items relating to services lost in transit, shall be the cutomers, always providing that we have properly dipsatched the items, recorded the transaction and can provide due evidence of careful dispatch.

Charges for delivery to points outside the UK shall be made subject to recovery of our cost of delivery and shall be net of all all tax and duty due in the country of destination.

Consignments over 10 Kg shall be charged extra at a rate of £0.50 per Kg, unless otherwise prior agreed in writing. Standard service provides delivery usually within three days of dispatch. Overnight or other special services may be charged extra, based on its direct cost to the company. Delivery within England & Wales shall be free of delivery charges for consignments sent to account holders when the net goods value exceeds £1000.00 and when carriage, freight and insurance shall be our liability to the point of delivery.

The company accepts no liability for late or failed deliveries unless previously agreed in writing. We require safe and reasonable access to the customer’s address in order to make deliveries and to conduct contracted work. Where appropriate, the customer’s access, safety and other contractor rules must be notified to us in writing at least a week prior to work or delivery commencing.

ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER:         No agreement to supply is valid unless we have received the customer’s written instruction or otherwise, the customer has countersigned a copy of our acknowledgement or “Works-Order” and agreed to the prices there shewn.

When orders are purchased on-line at our Internet, web site orders shall be prepaid as a condition of acceptance, unless the customer has been offered a credit account. Unpaid orders will be held over for a period not exceeding thirty days.

Where the customer is offered credit terms, a small order charge of £15 will be made when the order value is less than £100.00. but small order charges will be waived where orders are pre-paid.

Where no other discount has been agreed, credit account customers pre-paying up on acceptance of order shall be offered a discount of 5% from the value of goods or services.

PAYMENT for goods or services:              The customer shall pay the prices recorded in our price list or by our order acknowledgement at the time of delivery or within terms we agreed in writing. When payment is extended beyond the terms agreed by the company, we shall be entitled to charge interest on the sum outstanding at a rate of 2% per calendar month of the outstanding bill. Credit accounts shall be paid within thirty days of our invoice date unless otherwise agreed.

CONTRACT TITLE:      The sales agreement is particular to the customer and its benefit shall not be passed to third parties in the event that the customer changes in ownership, ceases trading or becomes bankrupt. In the event of any such contingency, cash amounts due to the company shall be immediately payable and the customer agrees that the company is a primary creditor above any bank loans or mortgages that may be charged to him. If the company cease trading, contracts for sale shall be revoked and the customer shall have no precedent right of contract nor at any time has the customer the right to pledge the company’s credit. 

Helios Safety & Rescue is a proprietary trading name belonging to W S P Parker
office: 41, Victoria Road, Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8AE

Terms amended 31st March 2019