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Portabreath Resuscitation aid

  • PORTABREATH permits both neck hyper-extension and better patient airway observation and control, whilst making ventilation comparatively effortless.
  • Protection from casualty cross-infection is many fold greater than when using a 'rescue sheet' or face-mask, whilst  ventilation is easier, more reliable and the patient's buccal cavity remains open to flow, safe and un-obstructed.
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Product Description

PORTABREATH Resuscitation aids....

  • Improved Rescue posture and airway control;
  • better, more effective ventilation;
  • much reduced breathing resistance and EFFECTIVE protection from infections.
  • Easily sterilised and re-usable.
  • Includes: Child mask-piece, Adult 'half-airway' (easy and safe to apply) and face-piece, clear, easy instructions.

In 1993, the Institute of Occupational Medicine published a comparative report, on resuscitation aids; on behalf on the HSE's Medical Advisory Service.
It concluded that resuscitation aids of this design (the Canadian made, Brooke Airway is the only such aid of comparable design) were the only ones that effectively prevented cross-infection and permitted adequate ventilation.

There is, of course, always a 'down-side' and the Portabreath's disadvantage is that it cannot be so conveniently carried in a pocket, as a 'rescue-sheet'.

But never mind. It takes up very little space in a first-aid kit and,  for real emergencies, you may use this, or, the Brooke to far better effect; or otherwise, not bother with any 'Aid' because rescue sheets and most designs of 'pocket' mask actually hamper 'rescue' breathing and do not provide an effective barrier to infection.

Remember that:

  • When the casualty starts regaining spontaneous breathing, it is ninety percent certain that he or she will vomit; so guard that air-way! In Britain, alone, it is estimated that more than 600 casualties die, every year, from choking on vomit. Around 750 caualties die every year, from drowing.
  • Occupational guidelines recommend the availaility of 'Oxygen revival equipment', where breathing apparatus may be used and where there is forseeable risk of apnea or being overcome by toxic gas.

I have carried out half a dozen 'real' resuscitations - in the course of which I have lost only one patient: in circumstances from drowning to RTAs and one choking incident.
In all of these, a resuscition aid was not immediately to hand and, where the casulaty was recovered,  'mouth-to-mouth' was applied, then later (in a couple of cases) oxygen (100% -'on demand')  was applied, when conveniently able to fetch the kit. The secret of safe rescue is not in the kit - it is in speed of reaction and training to respond.

In the case of the swimmer who died, I regret I was not able to get to him early enough for an effective rescue. If I had wished for any equipment to be at hand, it would have been my MOTIVOX oxygen kit - not an airway, nor the ubiquitous pair of examination gloves! Infectious disease, in First-aid, is a risk but it is a small one, when balanced against the good that may be achieved from fast, confident response.

All that said: a PORTABREATH, gloves and saline phials are always in my vehicle first aid kit and, I suggest, you do likewise, next time you are checking over the triangular bandage, tape and dressings!

Bill Parker.

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