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XEROTECH® Blue, wrist-seal type Dry-glove

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  • XEROTECH Blue Dry glove, with wrist seal
  • XEROTECH: boarding the MS Aldergrund, Scapa Flow
  • When the water's cold and warm hands are critical for safety
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Product Description

Get wise, get warm, get XEROTECH®..

XEROTECH® Gloves have protected divers and sailors from the elements, in and under water, since 1991.
Their patent design protects against the effects of ‘squeeze’ when diving, so that you stay dry and comfortable – even in sub-freezing water temperatures. 


XEROTECH ® Dry-gloves are available in three colours and four, EEC, sizes: Small (51/2-61/2), Medium (61/2-81/2), Large (81/2-(91/2) and Extra Large (91/2-101/2).
Very comfortable, tactile and warm, this Patented* design offers water tightness at the wrist, without affecting the integrity of a dry-suit and special versions are available, designed to fit with VIKING or Helios cuff-ring sets.

Used by commercial, Police and Military divers and codified by NATO, Xerotech gloves are clearly the best means of ensuring safe, warm, dry hands, on or in the water.

XEROTECH ®Dry-gloves Blue, Orange or Yellow (two sizes only) are coloured to denote the performance characteristics of the membrane.

Orange gloves are made with a thin, very sensitive coating, suitable for sailing, water surface activities and fish handling (as used by the Environment Agency).

Yellow gloves are of a tough, double dipped latex, designed for cut and puncture resistance, when handling tools and sharp surfaces underwater.

Blue gloves offer the warmth of orange but are tougher, suitable for general diving duty and, like orange, have an integral lining, made from brushed terry-knit, rot-proof acrylic

XEROTECH ® Dry-gloves offer both wrist closing seals and seals made to fit certain types of dry-suit cuff rings.
Wrist sealing gloves are suitable for use with any kind of suit or clothing. “Sleeve-seal” gloves are fixed to Helios or VIKING type cuff-ring systems. 


NATO’s Arctic task force uses XEROTECH® Gloves; for diving, swimming and snow exercises; reporting satisfactory results even in wind chill down to minus eighty degrees.
Our gloves are used by the Royal Marines, Police Divers and the Environment Agency, by the Borders Agency - and by almost all of the tall ships sailing crews, around the World.
They have been designed by professionals for use by professionals. 

Offering cut, puncture, chemical and abrasion resistance to EU standards, our gloves are tactile, too. 
You can use your underwater slate, handle the boat’s navigation kit and radio easily, all with your gloved hand. 

To help you choose which size fits you: measure your extended hand span.
In inches; the distance between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your fifth finger indicates your size. For instance; ten inches would be size 10, or XL, nine inches; size 9

NATO Stock numbers:
Size 10 -  8415-99-869-5491
Size 09 -  8415-99-869-5490
Size 08 - 8415-99-869-5489

 XEROTECH Gloves:  Performance Testing to European Normes (2004)

Mechanical test:                    Result                                Chemical Permeation Tests       Result                           

Abrasion:                               Level 3 EN388                   Hydrochloric Acid (36%)            Level 6 EN 374-3        

Cut resistance                       Level 2 EN388                   Sodium Hydroxide (40%)           Level 6 EN 374-3        

Tear resistance                     Level 2 EN388                   Paraffin test                               Level 5 EN 374-3        

Perforation resistance          Level 1 EN388                   Methanol                                    Level 2 EN 374-3

Penetration resistance         Level  2 EN374-2                

 Cold Tests:                             Result        :

Convective Cold               Level 1 EN511

Conductive Cold               Level 2 EN 511   

 Water Permeation:           Level 1 EN 511                                        

Dexterity:                           Excellent                          

Air Pressure Test past cuff seal~:    leak at differential pressure greater than 1Kpa 

Marking: according to Category 1 PPE Type examination requirements.             

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Product Reviews

  1. The original is still the best

    Posted by Kuralatt on 18th Sep 2017

    These are the greatest thing since dry-suits..You can work in them, write in the and not only do they keep your hands warm, dry and useable; they give great protection against abrasion and light cuts. No Atlantic diver should be without them.

  2. Best dry-seal system

    Posted by Jeff on 30th Jun 2017

    I have a pair and like them a lot. I have never had a problem with them and the seals have held up for the past two years that I have used them. I do all coldwater diving and they keep my hands warm Most of the time. I have the latex seals without rings and would recommend them. You have to fill them with air on the surface though before you go to depth not only for the squeeze factor but also the insulating aspect. I use those disposable heat packs in mine which works quite well.

  3. No ring system needed

    Posted by Bio-guy on 30th Jun 2017

    I picked up a pair about a month ago. They have been amazing in the cold water so far. I don't even want to look at my old neoprene gloves anymore. I picked up the heavy blue ones with the insulation "fuzz". Apparently they are available in models ranging from lightwight with no insulation to heavy with insulation (Diff colours too). I know you can go with a ring package for them, but after having zero problems with the latex seals, I can't see myself converting them. I have heard of divers putting a small piece of a coffee stir stick through to connect the suit to the gloves for equalization, although filling the gloves at the surface seems to work.

    Jeff, one question. Have you used the kevlar overgloves available for them. I dive in zebra mussel infested water, and am seriously considering them.

  4. Best Diving gloves in the world

    Posted by Tim Budd on 4th Aug 2012

    Absolutely amazed, when I first used them. Warm hands are safe hands and these gloves really let you use your hands without encumberance

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