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Helios - Safe hands

Your Safety is our business - and engineering it is our only business.

All of the products and services we offer relate to personal experience of saving life and preventing accidents, during more than forty years - whether that be from the challenges of fire, water, mineral or earth.

Founding Helios in 1989: after having had much experience in senior, technical jobs with AGA Spiro, BOC Medical and Protector Safety Products: Bill Parker had first trained as a scientist and production engineer, before being a Safety Engineer, at Goodyear, in 1970. 

Such experience was later to prove  invaluable, as was having worked in such areas as SCUBA diving, for research in Marine ecology and marine safety.

Sound engineering and scientific knowledge, helped start the firm's approach to quantitative risk assessment, safe systems engineering and designing life saving and emergency rescue devices- and, of course, to gain the Confined Space and Hazard Management contracts, for which we are perhaps, best known in Energy and Utilities. 

Ours was the first company to hire-out breathing apparatus and related equipment!
Our first such task was to help Per Lindstrand with a record hot-air balloon ascent providing high altitude, oxygen breathing equipment. Of course, we used AGA masks; NOT the diving ones- in this instance and with which we have been so long associated.

Since early days, we have protected people overseas: in Bahrain, from chemical attacks similar to those used on the Kurds, by the Iraqis; we have protected thousands of divers with our XEROTECH gloves, Interspiro's diving mask and the accessories we have made to improve diving safety - all over the World.

We manage our clients' risks from hazards such as Asbestos and other potential harm, by topical atmospheric analysis; often discovering, identifying and ameliorating reasons for mysterious, occupational disease.

We conduct topical hazard surverys - for noise, airborne matter, water quality and infection vectors- and claim exceptional value and expertise.

We have trained many Emergency Services at specialised rescue techniques and in using associated equipment. Utilities, Energy and Food processing firms have all benefited from our approach in quantitative risk analysis, mitigation and afterwards, staff education around carefully proposed Method Statements for safe working; followed by regular audit, refresher training and aims for further improvement.

Some of our products are NATO codified and we have solved many equipment problems for allied armed services, as well as our own.

Today, we build forward, supported by senior technical, safety and medical consultants, each tasked for particular roles. These roles include Risk mitigation, training and ensuring safe working practice and competence in Emergencies, among our customers' diversely spread workplaces.

Collectively, our consultants may boast centuries of service in Occupational Safety; for instance, in serving European (CEN) and BS technical standards groups - especially for medical and respiratory equipment, in commercial diving, in emergency and forensic medicine and in mines and under ground.

One consultant was a regional coordinator for the British Association for Immediate Care Schemes (BASICS) - another involved at its beginnings, in 1977, along with with Roger Snook, et alia. 

Another was Safety Advisor to the local Development Corporation. Don't blame him for Telford. It was not his fault. Another has worked for the Health & Safety Executive, whereas, others of us just feel as if we have!

We are not thus, new to the business. We do what we say, mostly on time and we say what we mean, most of the time.

Apart from offering a means for our customers to buy items conveniently, this web site is aimed to help by providing information faster and more efficiently - affording the benefit of wide experience for which opportunity, there seems too little, face-to-face time, these days.

I refer to information that reveals a practical understanding of safety; knowledge which has been largely lost from industry and an avoidance of 'box-ticking' systems of 'compliance', so aften born of misunderstanding the purpose of ISO 9000 and other audit procedures that reflect neither quality or ability but which can be simply a written record of thinly disguised incompetence!

Such specious approach to 'compliance'  has contributed greatly to rates of occupational accidents having increased, since 1970, in the UK and World wide: when measured relative to the numbers employed in relevant tasks.

The greatest tool, in the armoury against preventable accident and toward its rescue and mitigation is, without doubt, due knowledge and experience. That is exactly what our customers most value of us.

Enquiries for administrative matters also may be sent to us using the enquiry form web page.

24/7, Emergency contact details are made available to regular account holders.
You may also 'chat' to us, using Bill's 'FACE-BOOK' page: 'Bill S P Parker'.

He promises that all technical questions and comments will be answered as soon as conveniently practicable.  

We hope you will find our sites useful. If not; let us know and we'll do something about it!

Thank you for looking.

Helios Safety & Rescue is a proprietary trading name belonging to W S P Parker
office: 41, Victoria Road, Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 8AE.
Telephone 01952 461541