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Confined Spaces Work and Rescue Course (intermediate)

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Product Description

Course subject:  Working in and Rescue from Confined Spaces.
Intermediate levels CP2/AP2

The Focus is on mitigating risk undertaken by industrial workers; in civil engineering, utilities energy and food production. Course elements are fully compliant with the HSE's guidance to the Confined Spaces Regulations (1997) but we teach a programme consistent with the HSE's previous guide, GS5 because it invokes better operational practices and a wider knowledge base than represented by the 'minimum' requirements of the 1997 regulation.


Day One:

Hazard Awareness & Risk Estimation. (150 minutes)
a) CoSHH based on YOUR risk: An introduction to the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance, policy and current regulation of Confined Space entry and a clear understanding of when a space may be considered confined.

How to manage Entry Permits, appraise method statements and construct a Rescue Plan

Gas, fume, anoxia and Fire Evolution - characteristics: including Flash-over, back-draught, toxic smoke products, common gases encountered, spark hazards and what is meant by intrinsic safety, LEL, UEL, flash point significance and appropriate selection of PPE (100 minutes) 

b) First Aid precautions and actions: Focus, with practical demonstrations, on rapid casualty assessment, the ABC of Resuscitation and preventing bleeding. This session is aimed at people without detailed knowledge so that they may weigh up the relative risks of immediate extrication, use recovery positions, provide assisted ventilation to a patient and attain the principles of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. (150 minutes) 

BA wearer introduction: Use of Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (EEBA {practical} and CABA {theory}), its cautions and limitations, and team procedure (practical), including use of Stage Control Boards and lines. (100 minutes) 

Day Two: 

Personal Safety & Damage Limitation. (120 minutes)
a) Further Selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment and limits of use theory (including Breathing Apparatus). This session gives confidence in understanding proper use & selection of PPE associated with particular site risks and how incorrect use and understanding of the risks and the PPE used has turned a risk into an accident. PPE records keeping and proper maintenance
b) Emergency Action Plan.
c) Standard Operating Procedure and Emergency Communications.

Practical, casualty rescue Exercise. (320 minutes)
a) Use of PPE & BA. Donning, doffing and safety check procedure.
b) Tool-box talks and team briefs.
b) Mock Rescue using on site props, working in teams and an overview on search procedure and safely accessing objectives.
c) Orientation in poor visibility (crawlway exercise)

Questions, answers and written test (45 minutes)

Total time for basic course: approximately 835 minutes of instruction time required.


1      Candidates will understand exposure risks and counter provisions detailed in the employer’s Safety Policy and method statements or risk assessments and they will be able to competently execute those provisions, using breathing apparatus and related PPE, both in the course of working and for emergency rescue.

2      Candidates will understand the requirements and limitations for the provisions made and independently, competently assess and mitigate confined spaces risk.


        Candidates will be granted Certificates of competence if they demonstrate practical understanding to the instructor. Certificates will specify the PPE used in connection with the hazards covered under The Confined Spaces Regulations (1997) and other regulations under which work may fall.
Individual Assessment will be made continuously through the course by the instructor. There is no written examination for one courses but the intermediate courses require satisfactory completion of a short, written test.

For client site training, you are required to make available:

1         Classroom facility with screen, flip chart and projection means.

2         Adequate provision of PPE, including an adequate supply of BA cylinders for each candidate.

3         Suitable ‘Fireground’ or Confined Space training environment

4         Adequate facility for morning and afternoon breaks of ten minutes and for a half-hour lunch break.

Candidates are required to complete the fitness form prior to the course or otherwise, we require a statement that all are free from infectious illness, having no infirmity that might affect their ableness in using Breathing Apparatus for its intended purpose, in physically taxing conditions.

Minimum Entry Requirements:  Basic English, numeracy, literacy.
A certificate of medical fitness is required (a proforma for which is available amongst our information down-loads).

What to bring with you: PPE (CE marked) appropriate for the task. This usually comprises: abrasion resistant gloves, safety-foot-wear and overalls. Oh!- and don't forget your hard-hat. Discussion about your Risks, prior to the course may vary these requirements.

This is a course with practical content, requiring suitable messing and accommodation facilities. Overnight accommodation is not included in the price indicated here.  Certificate awards are made following successful assessment of candidates' competence in each element. The course does not include First Aid Fire-fighting, which subject is covered in another of our courses.

This training course is for a minimum class size of six and a maximum of ten, per instructor. Ex VAT prices are calculated on a per capita head; minimum charges based on six people.

Lunch and breaks are incorporated: Course days usually start at 09:00, with a ten minute break at 10:30, lunch at 12:30 and afternoon break at 14:30. The usual finish time is 17:30.

The course offers theoretical and practical guidance with active practise sessions, prior to candidate assessment. Candidates examined competent will be issued with Certificates, or safety-pass cards, following completion. The form of training and certification is fully compliant with the Employer's training duties: specified or implied under Regulations subjugate to the Health & Safety at Work... Act, 1974.

Certificates and cards may be used for such endorsement of competence as is required by second and third parties, under the “Confined Spaces” regulations. 

Courses are organised either at the client site, or here, in Telford, depending on what best suits the client organisation. The commission of all courses requires that we mutually discuss and appraise the client's training needs, based on recently conducted Risk Assessments and current statements of safe working practice, for specific tasks. 
Where possible, client site training is preferred in order to better address topical hazards and conduct realistic training.

Conditions: Unless already having a credit account with us, Clients will be required to pay a deposit equivalent to half the billing value, two weeks in advance of agreed dates. A full refund will be given, in the event of cancellation by the client, provided that due notice has been given due, written acknowledgement, at least three working days prior to the planned start date. In the event that we are unable to accommodate training on agreed dates and always provided that less than three working days notice has been given and acknowledged, we will agree suitable alternative dates with you and we shall discount connected charges for training by one half of that first offered.

In the event of candidates failing to attend agreed times and dates for training, all charges will remain due for payment, unless three clear days notice of absence has first been given. 

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