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'AGA' (Divator MkII) mask and DV assembly (standard pressure) rebuild

  • The Divator mask here, is fitted with its unique communication system, which uses sonar waves to carry audible sound signal, then converting it to RF signal, for amplification and onward transmission. The communicator is an accessory and is not included with the price of the mask. You will also need to select a suitable supply hose. READ THE INSET PANEL FOR A CLEAR LOOK AT THE OPTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS.
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Product Description

We build these Divator masks from new or used components (recovered from Hire or service stock) and test them to similarly, rigorous standards that Interspiro uses in production; to produce a product far exceeding the test demands of EN250 and other protocol, relevant to masks.  

Re-built Divator masks are not always available but we will usually be able to supply one within two or three weeks. They carry our 12 month warranty of replacement or refund, if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

This is a great introduction to what is by far the most comfortable mask and best performing regulator ever made - one that will work for you and increase  your aerobic performance under water.

Not only is this a great offer but we include your first, annual service and check-test free of charge - all you need do is return the mask to us at the due time, we do all the work and all you will pay is the cost of return carriage - about £6 - invoiced with your returned test certificate!

(*Natural/Neoprene/Styrene Butadiene, mixed compound, which is much stonger and more comfortable than Silcone rubbers).

Please choose whether 'negative' or 'positive' pressure demand valves are required and whether you require a supply hose:  See: http://www.heliosuk.com/products/Hose%2C-breathing%2C-Divator%2C-I%7B47%7DS%2C-3%7B47%7D8-UNF.html

'Negative' pressure breathing valves reference themselves to the ambient water pressure: thus, when breathing in, the pressure in the mask, or mouth-piece is sub-ambient but, when exhaling, the pressure becomes post-ambient, or positive.Positive pressure demand valves produce a mouth-piece or mask pressure which is always slightly higher than the ambient pressure, so that, even when inhaling hard, the pressure is a bit higher than ambient.

This has two purposes. Firstly, positive pressure masks reduce in-leakage by at least two-thousand-fold; thus preventing entry of water potentially contaminated by micro-organisms or chemicals in the water.The second function comes from the lungs remaining, throughout the breathing cycle, at a pressure slightly elevated from ambient. The result is an increase in gas transfer surface area, by about ten percent. This increases both the diver's aerobic efficiency and it increases the rate of gaseous perfusion, so that, when ascending, dissolved blood gases are removed more quickly than is the case when standard demand valves are used. Thus, positive pressure enhances diver safety in two, distinct ways.

 Divator:                 General Specifications & options for 'AGA' mask and Demand Valve

Assembly detail:


Special features

Test Protocol


Mask Assembly:

Low volume optically correct visor, plastic parts are glass filled nylon 12; mask made from Grey, Natural, SBR and Neoprene rubber compound

  1. Helios helmet and head lamp

Elastic and strong, comfortable fit for most adults

This version is recommended for most users.




A variety of hose options are available but the mask and demand valve assembly does not come with a supply hose in the price.

Mask Assembly:

As above but outer & inner mask is made from Yellow silicone rubber compound

  1. Helios helmet and head lamp

Resistant to perishing but not as strong as the grey mask


As above.

All metal components of the mask are 316 stainless and nickel or chrome finished Brass 121.

Inner Mask

Fitted to all full-face masks

Reduces re-breathing of Carbon dioxide to lower than ½% Volume


Hypoallergenic rubber

Demand Valve Assembly

Automatic compensation for supply gas pressure changes and ambient pressure.

Standard pressure.

Valve responds at ambient pressure minus 5-mm water gauge. This unit can be fitted with “off” switch; useful if the valve is used as a spare

Fully balanced downstream valve with built in pressure relief and safety purge design. Work of Breathing less than 1 Joule/litre, response time less than 30 milliseconds


Plastic parts are glass filled nylon 12; metal components of the mask nickel or chrome finished Brass 121.

Demand Valve Assembly

Automatic compensation for supply gas pressure changes and ambient pressure.

Positive pressure valve

As for standard valve but external pollution is kept out of the mask and the lungs increase gaseous exchange area, achieving better gas perfusion.


As above

Suitable Air supply via ¼” id. supply hose

>1000 Litres per minute at a dynamic pressure exceeding 6.5 Bar

This will be achieved with any Pressure Reducer meeting EN250.

The Divator reducer unit is ideally suited.


Measured at unopposed 3/8” unf, reducer port at ambient pressure of 1 Bar.

What is standard?

Mask and front port plate. Instruction manual

Demand Valve, balanced pressure type


Suitable for use with oxygen up to 20 Bar

What is extra, which might be desirable?

Prescription glasses and fitting kit

Buddy phone communications

Supply hose

Diving with a buddy who is also equipped with the World’s best demand valve


Welding visor

Mouth piece for “sports” conversion

Speech diaphragm



Hard wire communications

Dive gas control manifold

Quick release hoses


If further detail is needed; please submit an enquiry in 'contact us', or telephone a technician, on: 01952 461541 

Warranty Information

12 months

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