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Divator MkII Sport regulator (standard pressure)

  • Say 'Hello' to the World's easiest breathing...Say Goodbye to jaw fatigue!
  • Ready to dive - complete with spare, 'rescue' valve.
  • Note the switch, at its off-position and the blue hose, which we use (special order) for Oxygen and very rugged application.
  • Bill Parker shows his rig, complete with rescue Sport valve and the Helios gas management manifold - a ventrally mounted device for controlling up to four out put hoses from two breathing gas supply reducers.
  • Graphic representation of how the demand valve functions; revealing the secret of its patent balancing system
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Product Description

 Divator Sports Breathing Regulator, complete with 3/8", UNF (male) hose. 

Say 'Hello' to the World's easiest breathing...Say Goodbye to jaw fatigue!

The Sports version of the DIVATOR demand valve provides the only fully balanced demand regulator made for today’s recreational diver. That means absolutely no adjustments are needed for all diving ranges and water conditions.

Far exceeding the test requirements of EN250 and needing pressure differentials as low as 0.2cm water gauge to open or close the demand valve, it boasts a demand response time lower that 30 milli-seconds (ten times faster than most approved D/Vs).

This was the first regulator tested to meet EN250 specification, which protects divers throughout Europe and which is a tougher test than any comparable other in the World.

What this means to the diver is that his breathing effort is substantially reduced, compared with that for other demand valves; that air is supplied faster and the flow controlled better, with demand rate changes, more accurately than ever before.

At high demand rates, the small vacuum load of the inhalation phase, being much reduced, is less prone to causing problems such as pulmonary oedema, psychological tension and alveolar dysfunction.

Ideal for diving with air and oxygen rich, or lean dive-gas mixtures; all this contributes to safer, more enjoyable diving and to a reduced likelihood of misadventure, whilst complying with the recommendations of appropriate decompression tables.

The large, rubber mouthpiece helps reduce jaw fatigue and “side-slip”, maintaining a clear airway for air passage through the buccal cavity. The Sports Demand Valve can be used safely with all pressure reducing first stages that comply with EN250 or EN137, or which offer stable dynamic output rates exceeding 12 Litres per second, measured after passage through a delivery hose, 700 mm x 6.4 mm id.

The Divator demand valve’s patented balancing chamber means that the regulator adjusts itself in all ambient pressures between 0.4 and 50 Bar (Absolute) and through dynamic air supply pressures of 6.5 to 13 Bar (Gauge). Because the valve is balanced, the main valve seat will not lift to relieve over pressure due to a faulty “first-stage”. Therefore a special relief valve is built in to the main valve assembly, to ensure supply hoses will not burst. This is set to between 13 and 16 bar.

Reliable excellence of performance and safety is the hall mark of the Divator, which is why it is used by more public services than any other demand valve manufactured – especially in commercial and Police diving.

The Divator Sports regulator is available with or without positive pressure and positive pressure is recommended for physiological advantage, when deep air diving is considered. Positive pressure not only reduces buccal contamination from the water but increases the area of the lungs used for gaseous exchange, thus increasing your aerobic ability and gas perfusion rates. The positive pressure version is sold at the same price as the negative (or standard) pressure version. Both Helios versions are fitted with a demand valve switch, so that air supplies may be reliably conserved, when the regulator is in 'redundant' or spare mode and not immediately in use. Simply breathing in, quickly, will switch the valve in to operation.

If further detail is needed; please submit an enquiry in 'contact us', or telephone a technician, on: 01952 461541 

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