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XEROTECH® Blue, sleeve-seal type,

  • XEROTECH Blue Dry glove, with 'sleeve-seal' construction, designed to fit standard Ring system, Speed-fit ring systems and most Cir-clip ring fitted designs.
  • OK- I'm using the orange version here - but that's because I was taking pictures in SCAPA and wanted the extra touch sensitivity..
  • XEROTECH Blue Dry glove, with wrist seal
  • XEROTECH Yellow Dry glove, with 'sleeve-seal' construction, shewn here, fitted to a Speed-fit ring.
  • When the water's cold
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Product Description

Don’t you wish you could leave the water, with warm, dry hands? 
After all, warm hands are safe hands; useful hands. 

The 'Sleeve-sealing, XEROTECH dry glove is available in all sizes of Blue and Yellow versions ! 

Sleeve-seal gloves are designed to cater to diving very cold water conditions at extended durations.
That is, beyond three hours, at temperatures lower than 4 degrees Celsius.

During carefully monitored diving, sleeve sealing gloves may dispense with needing wrist seals on your suit: thus perfectly compensating ambient pressure changes with the air pressure in the suit, for comfort and insulation. Another advantage is in reduced, venous blood restriction;
caused by the skin-contact of elastic seals of suit and gloves

There are significant safety risks, in doing this and we generally commend this method - and indeed, sleeve sealing designs
- only to professional divers, working in Arctic and Antarctic waters.
Hazards resulting from using Ring-sealing systems for 'dry-glove' diving, include dislodged, or trapped rings
(bear in mind that the rings will make your wrists four inches or more, in diameter and you will not always be able to get your hands to where you want them!),
loss of lower-arm dexterity and hand entrapment in equipment and cavities. 

So: unless you have good reason otherwise, based on competent Risk Assessment: ALWAYS use wrist-seal gloves 

XEROTECH® Gloves have protected divers and sailors from the elements, in and under water, for more than twenty years. Their patent design protects against the effects of ‘squeeze’ when diving, so that you stay dry and comfortable – even in sub-freezing water temperatures. 

NATO’s Arctic task force uses XEROTECH® Gloves; for diving, swimming and snow exercises; reporting satisfactory results even in wind chill down to minus eighty degrees. Our gloves are used by the R.N., Police Divers, the Environment Agency, by the Borders Agency and by almost all of the tall ships sailing crews, around the World. They have been designed by professionals for use by professionals. 

Offering cut, puncture, chemical and abrasion resistance to EU standards, our gloves are tactile, too. You can use your underwater slate, handle the boat’s navigation kit and radio easily, all with your gloved hand. 

You’ll need to check whether this size fits you, so: measure your extended hand span, in inches. If the distance between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your fifth finger measures more than 81/2 inches but less than 9 1/2 inches, this size is yours..

XEROTECH Gloves:  When you know what you're doing:

Performance Testing to European Normes

Mechanical test:                    Result                                Chemical Permeation Tests       Result                           

Abrasion:                               Level 3 EN388                   Hydrochloric Acid (36%)            Level 6 EN 374-3        

Cut resistance                       Level 2 EN388                   Sodium Hydroxide (40%)           Level 6 EN 374-3        

Tear resistance                     Level 2 EN388                   Paraffin test                               Level 5 EN 374-3        

Perforation resistance          Level 1 EN388                   Methanol                                    Level 2 EN 374-3

Penetration resistance         Level  2 EN374-2                

 Cold Tests:                             Result        :   

Convective Cold               Level 1 EN511 

Conductive Cold               Level 2 EN 511   

 Water Permeation:           Level 1 EN 511                                        

Dexterity:                           Excellent                          

Air Pressure Test past cuff seal~:    leak at differential pressure greater than 1Kpa 

Marking: according to Category 1 PPE Type examination requirements.   

Our glove designs have been made under license, in the USA, by firms; Diving Concepts and DUI; in their own brand names.
These are the only firms to which we have offered manufacturing license. Similar designs appearing without our trade-mark, may have been sold in contravention of IP law.
The gloves seen in the video were made by Diving Concepts.

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